His institution building experiences includes providing leadership, guidance and mentoring,  developing annual and multi-annual programmes, managing projects and creating academic and think tank networks. For example:

  • At the International Trade Centre, he was responsible for the sections on Market Analysis and Research, Sector Competitiveness; and Trade Information Systems. He directed a total of 61 staff + 28 full-time consultants, he was responsible for an annual trade-related technical assistance portfolio of USD 12 million;
  • At the European Institute for Asian Studies, he was responsible for all aspects of the Annual Work Programmes (1999-2006), including approval and funding from the Budget of the European Communities with annual  audits by European Commission’s services;
  • Organize & implement seminars & conferences for European Commission and European Parliament;
  • Winning awards by tender for EU policy research studies inter alia on (i) China’s peaceful rise and implicationss for EU-China relations;  and (ii) New trade and investment policy issues in EU-East and Southern Africa FTA Negotiations;
  • Organize and implement academic networks on EU-China Academic Network (ECAN) and the European Network on Contemporary Research on Indian (ENCARI); and
  • Co-organize the annual EU-ASEAN Think Tank Dialogues, sponsored by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.