With Amartya Sen and Nicholas Stern, Charlemagne, Brussels

2017          Presentation to Council Working Group on GSP on preliminary findings of GSP evaluation, Justus Lipsius Building, Brussels.

2016-17     Several presentations to the EU Market Access Advisory Committee, on findings and recommendations on problematic market access barriers in India, Berlaymont, Brussels.

2016          Presentation on safe access to ICT for women, Committee on the Status of Women (CSW60), co-organized by CSR and Facebook at United Nations HQ, New York.

2015          Presentation of Executive Summary of MDG Task Force Report at Third Finance for Development Conference (FfDIII), held at Economic Commission for Africa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

2014          Introductory Statement at launch of first LDC Report 2014, UN Secretariat, New York.

2013          Presentation on benefits of EU-Armenia DCFTA, EU Public Lecture Series, American University Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia.

2011          Presentations on ‘Market Access, Transparency and Fairness in Global Trade’ at World Bank, Washington and School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

2009          EU-China Strategic Trade Policy Issues, at  GTAP Conference, Santiago, Chile

2006          Invited statement on a possible EU-India FTA to mini-hearing of International Trade Committee (INTA), European Parliament, Brussels

2005          Deliver Jean Monnet Lecture, London Business School

2006          Launch of Amartya Sen Lecture Series on Sustainable Development
– 2006 Inaugural lecture delivered by Sir Nicholas Stern on ‘Climate Change, Sustainable Development and International Action’, 16 March 2006 (Chair);
– 2007 Lord John Browne, (former) Group Chief Executive Officer of British Petroleum, held on May 3, 2007 (Chair);
– 2008 Dr Anand Panyarachun, former PM of Thailand, on Sustainable Democracy, June 24,2008, (Chair);
(the series is continuing at the London School of Economics)

2000-06       (annual) Principal Organiser EU-China conferences, examining key political and economic issues of these relationships;

2002             ‘EU-DPRK Dialogue – The EU and the Korean Peninsula’ with Minister Choe Su Hon, Pyong Yang DPRK as the key-note speaker in the European Parliament (15-10-2002);

2001              ‘Social Policies to Cope with Economic Instability’ reviewing findings of the ASEM Trust Fund at the European Commission (with the World Bank, Washington);