Socratic approach

Socratic approach


Professor (Maître de Conference), Université Libre de Bruxelles, teaching post-graduate courses for the Masters in International Politics on “Economic and Political Developments in Asia”; included supervision of 24 mémoires and supervising numerous Essays on a wide variety of development subjects including EU’s economic cooperation with Asian Countries, WTO accession of China and other emerging and developing countries.(Jan 2000 to Dec 2009)

Occasional Lecturer at
Institute Clingendael on issues relating to South East Asia/Indonesia and its economic role in the global economy (since 2003-ongoing)
College of Europe, Bruges  for the EU-Intensive Seminar on recent developments in EU’s external relations with regards to Asia.

Course Director, Economic Policy Analysis, Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, Islamabad, with a focus on trade policy indicators for agriculture (epc,drc,pse, ams, implications for market access and investment policy etc). (1992-95).

Tutor, Visiting Study Fellowship Programme, FSG/QEH, University of Oxford on ‘Economic Modelling’ for economists from several African governments (1990-91); includes organizing study and field visits;

Tutor at the Faculty of Economics and Politics, Cambridge University, Classes on’Quantitative Methods of Economic Analysis’ for M.Phil and Diploma in Development Economics. Tripos Tutorials in Introductory Statistics (1983-1984).

Lecturer in Economics (part-time) at the University of Leiden, Lecture series included ‘Introduction to Economic Theory’ and ‘Introduction to Development Economics’ for 2nd and 3 year undergraduate students (1981-82).